Thursday, May 22, 2014

Vise-Commisar Englantina Petrollari

After a year of rigorous classroom and physical pre-deployment training in Albania and France, Albanian State Police Officer, Englantina Petrollari joined 10 colleagues bound for Herat, Afghanistan. Officer Petrollari became Albania’s first female civilian police advisor, 14 days after Helmand, Afghanistan’s top female police officer, Lieutenant Islam Bibi, was assassinated; and almost a year and a half after two Albanian military were ambushed and killed in Afghanistan.

The 30-year-old wife of a police officer, and mother of a five-year old daughter, volunteered to risk her life training female police in war ravaged Afghanistan as part of Albania’s participation in NATO’s International Stabilization and Assistance Force.

Soon after her arrival, Officer Petrollari initiated a joint Afghan/International training event for the first female police officers in Heart where her camp has received incoming rocket attacks.

As a direct result of Officer Petrollari’s initiative, persistence, and training received from the Department of Justice International Criminal Investigative Training and Assistance Program, she brought together Afghan, American, Canadian and Italian advisors to conduct a unique training event which included female officers.  Previously the advisors were working independently.
                       Officer Petrollari on right, with Herat’s first two female police officers that she helped train  

Her dedication and commitment is helping create opportunities for women within the Afghan National Police.  Her performance also highlights the benefits of improving gender equality in the Albanian State Police.

In honor of her outstanding courage, dedication and leadership in promoting gender equality and advancing the status of women and girl, Vise-Commissar Englantina Petrollari – Albanian State Police, was awarded with “The 2014 National Women of Courage” award, given by the Ambassador of United States Embassy in Tirana/Albania.

                                                      During the Awarded ceremony